People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive is…Blake Shelton?


Ladies, we all must be thinking the same exact thing right now..who voted for Blake? Was there some kind of secret ballot that the rest of the world wasn’t aware of? This didn’t seem right to me so I did a little further investigation.First, lets be clear most popular man of the year does NOT equate to sexiest man alive. No shade to Blake Shelton, but a lot of us never even heard about him until we saw him on the Emmy award winning show The Voice. The show is popular and he is the most popular resident judge on the show so I’m inferring that this is how he came to be the “Sexiest Man Alive 2017”. Don’t fret ladies below I have included some pictures of the top 3 men in the game whose sexiest far surpasses Blake Shelton. Image result for michael b jordan

Image result for jason momoa emerging from water

Image result for kofi siriboe


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